AmpleVolts Version 5.0

Advantages of the Amplevolts program

AmpleVolts is a software program designed to fill a need in the industry to save time in monitoring, recording and reporting critical and accurate information from electrical and electronic equipment. You can easily analyze your data and make detailed reports. As much as 70% of time can be saved when using this software program compared with conventional hand written reports with cutting and pasting commands. The AmpleVolts program has been extensively field tested over the last 6 years for accuracy and reliability.



      120705_Service_report             120705_Profile_

Detailed Documents can be saved and printed for Installation, Commissioning, Service and Diagnostic Reports. All data pages can be either printed or excluded from printing as per users requirements. Typical pages are shown above. The letterhead in the sample can be deleted allowing you to put your company/business letterhead in it's place.


ADMIN PAGE   121025 Admin



121025 Hazards



121025 Mains 1 AC Voltage



121025 Power 



121025 Battery Values



121025 Profile1




Program Features:

  • The program has an internal process to ensure it works only on the activated PC for security of your work and confidentiality of your customers.
  • Tolerance of both AC and DC functions is variable. This enables exact tolerance settings of known equipment.
  • Power usage of equipment can be calculated with a simple push of a button.
  • AC & DC equipment, both 3 phase and single phase equipment or a combination of both can be tested.
  • All measurements, waveforms and graphs are detected by an Oscilloscope. Only a few manually input measurements are used. However if no scopemeter is available for use, data fields can be filled manually and printed in the pdf. report. 
  • All data acquisition pages have a Control Setup - settings area for the Oscilloscope Command, Comments Section and Test Complete Function.
  • All pages have a common Field area visible which contains Server Connection Indicator and Scope Detected Indicator. 
  • Data is transferred to pdf. format within 5 seconds.
  • Previous test files can be recalled when testing the same equipment, auto filling all client and unit details.
  • Commercial details can be reused for the same customer on equipment previously not tested.
  • Monitoring and recording information saves time in generating long labour intensive reports that comprise of text, graphs and waveforms converting into a pdf format.
  • This program is easy to use and follow, after completion of testing on all data entry and acquisition pages the colour of the recently completed page changes colour.
  • Out of tolerance Indicators for measurements not complying with specification are flagged in their appropriate page from parameters previously set up in the system page.
  • This program has the ability to calculate invoice details for office billing purposes, a listing sheet for parts to be manually entered into of part to be replaced. A listing sheet for replaced parts manually entered. In addition to this a listing sheet of spare parts available manually entered for the particular unit being serviced. 
  • See our product information page for more details or you can contact us with any questions you may have.